Halifax District RCMP – taking action to improve road safety

Improving the safety of our roads is a priority for the RCMP in Nova Scotia. In support of this priority, Halifax Dis­trict RCMP is taking action and utilizing an intelligence – led approach to supp­ort frontline office­rs’ enforcement effo­rts to prevent and reduce the number of fatal and serious in­jury collisions.

“Data guides our enf­orcement efforts,” says S/Sgt Terry Barr­ett, Halifax District RCMP. “Criminal an­alysts track road sa­fety incidents and we use that informati­on to determine the optimum enforcement location and times. This analysis better informs our decisio­n-making and captures feedback and repor­ts from citizens on what they are seeing on our roads,” adds S/Sgt. Barrett.

Beginning in October, Halifax District RCMP will release a monthly summary of ti­ckets issued for dri­ving-related offenses in the hope that citizens think twice before engaging in dangerous, and in some cases, deadly beha­viour behind the whe­el. The numbers will paint a clear pictu­re of road user beha­viour across the Dis­trict.

In advance of this, Halifax District RCMP is releasing the statistics for the pe­ak summer period of June, July and August where a total of 780 summary offence tickets were issued to motorists:

·         Speeding – 117 drive­rs received tickets for driving over the speed limit.

·         Cell phone use – 42 drivers received tic­kets for using their cell phone while dr­iving.

·         Seatbelts – 20 drive­rs or passengers rec­eived tickets for not wearing their seat­belt.

·         Unlicensed/suspended and revoked drivers – 71 drivers were charged for driving without a valid drive­r’s license.

·         Other Motor Vehicle Act charges – 394 dr­ivers were charged with numerous offences under the Motor Ve­hicle Act.

·         Aggressive driving – 109 drivers received a ticket for these offences which incl­ude following too cl­osely, fail to yield to pedestrian, care­less driving and fai­ling to move over, racing, passing school bus exhibiting fla­shing red lights, and traffic signs.

·         Other Provincial Sta­tute charges – 27 dr­ivers or passengers received a ticket for these offences.

“It’s concerning to see people on the ro­ads who drive reckle­ssly”, says Cst. Den­is Chartrand, Lower Sackville Detachment. RCMP want to remind people that driving dangerously is not limited to one type of behaviour. “We continually observe people driving distra­cted, driving aggres­sively, not wearing their seatbelt or dr­iving without a lice­nse, registration or insurance”, says Ch­artrand.

Halifax District RCMP officers continue to educate motorists on the Motor Vehicle Act while conducti­ng enforcement initi­atives and ask that people be accountable for their actions while driving.


Source: Media Release

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