Halifax Food & Drink Specials guide

There’s nothing better than going out for a good meal. Spending the evening relaxing in good company while sipping a luscious glass of wine and nibbling away at tasty dish is my favorite past time.

It’s even better, when said food & drink are cheap! Therefore, I’m requesting the assistance-of all those who are of the same frame of mind- in creating a Halifax Food & Drink Specials guide. There are many restaurants, bars and pubs that provide these types of deals, but I know that there are way more out there, that haven’t yet crossed my path.

Help ME, help YOU by adding a comment following this post of your favorite Food & Drink specials, and I’ll assemble a list that will guide you-on any night/day of the week- in your quest for gustatory satisfaction!

Happy searching, and thanks a bunch!

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