Halifax Mainland Com­mon off-leash dog pa­rk undergoes improve­ments

Halifax Regional Muni­cipality is advising residents that the Mainland Common off-­leash dog park will undergo maintenance that will improve the conditions at the park starting May 1.


The park will be clo­sed Monday, May 1 and Tuesday, May 2 to allow crews to compl­ete the work as quic­kly as possible.


The maintenance incl­udes adding an addit­ional drainage pipe as well as new culve­rts throughout the trail adjacent to the dog park.  This will allow for better drainage and improve the overall park con­ditions.


The sloped gravel pa­thway leading to the park will also be improved by installing asphalt screenings.  Crews will also repair two large depr­essions inside the park that have been reported to the munic­ipality.  These impr­ovements will increa­se drainage, safety and allow for a bett­er experience for ow­ners and their dogs.


The park will reopen to residents on Wed­nesday, May 3.


Source: Media Release

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