Halifax Metro Transit lower Main Ave detour beginning October 5

Halifax Metro Transit bus routes 3 (to Manors), 31, 33, 34, 42, and 86 will be detoured off of lower Main Ave in Halifax, starting Monday October 5, due to construction on the Fairview overpass. Even though construction on the Fairview overpass is expected to last up to 6 months, the detour is planned to end mid winter 2010.

Affected routes are those that travel directly from lower Main Ave onto the Fairview overpass. These buses will be detoured from Main Ave or Lacewood Dr, to Titus St, left on Dutch Village Rd, left on Joseph Howe Dr, right on the ramp and then onto the Fairview overpass. Passengers that would have used stops along lower Main Ave should plan to use a regular stop or a stop on the detoured route.
Affected routes:
  • Route 3 (MANORS To Manors) *Note Route 3 (MANORS To Shopping Malls) will likely not be rerouted
  • Route 31 (MAIN To Downtown)
  • Route 33 (TANTALLON To Downtown)
  • Route 34 (GLENBOURNE To Downtown)
  • Route 42 (LACEWOOD-DALHOUSIE To Dalhousie)
  • Route 86 (BASINVIEW To Halifax)
Unaffected routes, that travel from lower Main Ave to Joseph Howe Dr are not detoured:
  • Route 2 (WEDGEWOOD To Downtown via North St)
  • Route 3 (MANORS To Shopping Malls)
  • Route 17 (SAINT MARY’S To Hospitals / Universities (via Windsor St))
  • Route 52 (CROSSTOWN To Bridge Terminal – Burnside)

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