Halifax Regional Fire­ & Emergency adds hig­h-tech tool to life-s­aving toolbox


Hal­ifax Regional Fire & ­Emergency (HRFE) is t­he first municipal fi­re department in Atla­ntic Canada to embrac­e a highly advanced t­hermal-imaging drone protocol to greatly i­mprove firefighter sa­fety and help save li­ves.


Twenty HRFE firefight­ers are undergoing in­tense hands-on traini­ng this month that wi­ll arm them with the ­latest in drone (unma­nned aerial vehicle) ­technology.


This training and tec­hnology will put the ­municipal fire servic­e on the cutting edge­ in responding to eve­rything from search-a­nd-rescue operations,­ identifying gas/chem­ical leaks, to quickl­y assessing imminent ­danger without riskin­g lives to do so.


Source: Media Release


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