Halifax Regional Municipality Purchases Land Abutting Sir Sandford Fleming Park

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On May 23, the Halifax Regional Municipality purchased a 100,188 square foot lot and 22,500 square foot water lot, abutting Sir Sanford Fleming Park. This important acquisition will expand upon Sir Sandford Fleming Park, including a section of the Loop Road Trail.

This property has been held privately since 1939, however, a historic trail encroachment has served park users for many decades.

Sir Sandford Fleming Park formed part of the estate of Sir Sandford Fleming. Fleming deeded a large portion of his estate to the Province in 1908. In February 1911 the park property was conveyed from the Lieutenant Governor to the City of Halifax. This did not include the piece of private property recently acquired by the municipality.

This acquisition solidifies public use of the land and will ensure uninterrupted access for park users.

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