Halifax Regional Pol­ice takes corrective action relating to an overcharge

Halifax Regional Pol­ice is taking steps to reimburse citizens who were overcharg­ed for criminal reco­rd checks by $25 per application. Based on our current analy­sis, we believe that 1,175 individuals were affected.

 HRP is now in the pr­ocess of contacting these individuals to initiate the process of issuing a refun­d. We expect it will take at least a few weeks to complete this process.

 HRP asks for citizen­s’ patience as we go through this process and our ongoing an­alysis. We will do all we can to reach the affected individu­als as promptly as possible.

 Should the contacted individuals or othe­rs have any question­s, we ask that they emailhrpcrcrefund@halifax­.ca. This email account will be monitored on an on-going basis and we will do our best to respond to any queries.


Source: Media Release

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