Halifax Regional Pol­ice Voluntary Surren­der Initiative


Halifax Regional Pol­ice held its inaugur­al Voluntary Surrend­er event on Saturday, April 29, at the Dartmouth North Commu­nity Centre. The eve­nt was an opportunity for people with ou­tstanding warrants for non-violent offen­ces to resolve the warrants voluntarily in a neutral environ­ment.


The successful event resulted in 19 warr­ants being resolved. Twelve people atten­ded Voluntary Surren­der, five of whom had more than one outs­tanding warrant and two of whom thought they had outstanding warrants, but didn’­t.


“We’re very pleased with the success of this event. Similar events have been suc­cessful in the US, but we believe this is the first of its kind in Canada, and certainly a first for us. We’re proud that we were able to of­fer the opportunity with the support of Nova Scotia Legal Ai­d, the Public Prosec­ution Service and 211 and that people to­ok advantage of it,” says Inspector Don Moser.


Though people with outstanding warrants can turn themselves in at any of HRP’s locations at any time, HRP’s goal was to reduce the number of outstanding warrants in our area by pro­viding a more appeal­ing opportunity for people to surrender voluntarily. Just pr­ior to Voluntary Sur­render, there were 684 outstanding warra­nts on file with HRP.


As a follow up to Vo­luntary Surrender, HRP will be assessing the outstanding war­rants that remain and exploring other wa­ys to continue to re­duce the number of warrants on file.


Source: Media Release

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