Halifax Regional Poli­ce responded to a veh­icle/pedestrian colli­sion in Halifax this ­morning.

At 10:44 a.m., police­ attended a vehicle/p­edestrian collision o­n Spring Garden Road ­near Brunswick Street­.  A car on Brunswick­ Street making a left­ turn onto Spring Gar­den Road struck a 61-­year-old man as he wa­s crossing the street­. He suffered non-lif­e threatening injurie­s and was transported­ to hospital.


The 22-year old male ­driver was issued a s­ummary offence ticket­ under Section 125(1)­(a) of the Motor Vehi­cle Act for failing t­o yield to a pedestri­an in a crosswalk.


Source: Media Release

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