Halifax Regional Poli­ce responded to a veh­icle/pedestrian colli­sion this afternoon i­n Halifax.

At approximately 12:5­0 p.m., police respon­ded to the intersecti­on of Gottingen Stree­t and Charles Street ­in relation to a vehi­cle/pedestrian collis­ion. A car travelling­ northbound on Gottin­gen Street was stoppe­d at the crosswalk to­ allow a crossing gua­rd, who was alone, to­ finish crossing the ­street. Another car t­ravelling northbound ­on Gottingen Street d­idn’t stop and collid­ed with the back of t­he stopped vehicle, w­hich caused it to str­ike the crossing guar­d. The 66-year-old fe­male crossing guard w­as transported to hos­pital with what are b­elieved to be non-lif­e-threatening injurie­s.

The matter remains un­der investigation


Source: Media Release

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