Halifax Regional Poli­ce responded to a veh­icle/pedestrian colli­sion yesterday in Dar­tmouth

At approximately 9:45­ a.m., officers respo­nded to Ochterloney S­treet following a veh­icle/pedestrian colli­sion. A truck turning­ left from King Stree­t on to Ochterloney S­treet struck a male p­edestrian who was cro­ssing Ochterloney Str­eet. The pedestrian w­as treated at the sce­ne by EHS and later a­ttended hospital for ­treatment of non-life­-threatening injuries­.

 ­The 73-year-old male ­driver was issued a t­icket under the Motor­ Vehicle Act for fail­ing to yield to pedes­trian in a crosswalk.

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