Halifax Regional Police urges peaceful exit from Meagher Park

Halifax Regional Police continues to work with Halifax Regional Municipality and other partners in efforts to safely clear an encampment at Meagher Park in Halifax. 

Police continue to respond to calls for service and complaints. Within the last 24 hours, service calls to Meagher have included an incident where police assistance was requested by Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency. Firefighters were attempting to extinguish an illegal fire causing hazardous conditions – close to many inflammable objects in a residential neighbourhood during an active fire ban – while the park occupants obstructed those efforts.

The health and safety conditions in Meagher Park have declined, putting many individuals in an increasingly vulnerable situation. Halifax Regional Municipality issued a notice to close the park on July 5, 2022 and provided a transition period until July 17, 2022.

Earlier efforts have not resulted in the park being cleared. The municipality’s ongoing efforts to support people experiencing homelessness have included providing additional supports and alternative arrangements, including to those at this location. Efforts continue to be made to allow occupants to voluntarily vacate and remove their belongings from the municipal property.  

We have an obligation to protect the public safety of all involved – and urge efforts towards a safe exit.

Source: Release

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