Halifax Transit Sche­dule & Route Changes – August 21, 2017

The Halifax Regio­nal Municipality is advising residents that several Halifax Transit service chan­ges will take place Monday, August 21 as part of the Moving Forward Toget­her Plan.


Changes include:


·         The new Route 194 We­st Bedford Express will be launched with four morning trips to downtown Halifax and four afternoon trips to West Bedf­ord.

·         Route 402 Sambro will be discontinued.

·         Route 330 will have an additional morning trip from Tantallon and a minor schedu­le change.

·         Several specialized school services that did not appear in the public timetable will be discontinued.


Full transit schedule and route change details are available at halifax.ca/transit.


On Thursday, August 16, from 3 – 4 p.m., residents are encou­raged to participate in a Twitter questi­on and answer session – hosted by Halifax Transit – regarding the upcoming servi­ce changes. Follow the @hfxtransit Twitter account and use the hashtag #hf­xtransitchat to join the conversation.



Source: Media Release

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