Halifax Water preparing for Hurricane Teddy (Emergency kit guide included)


Hurricane Teddy is currently predicted to impact Halifax and Nova Scotia Tuesday into Wednesday. Halifax Water operates critical water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure and is taking all possible precautions to prepare for Teddy.

Those measures include filling of fuel tanks, testing backup power supply generators, filling of water reservoirs, securing construction sites and working to clear drains and pipes in flood prone areas.  Customers are encouraged to report any blocked catch basins or culverts and proactively prepare any privately owned drainage systems or private properties that are prone to flooding.

General Manager Cathie O’Toole said, “Halifax Water has been tracking and preparing for Teddy for days. Staff are also working the Municipal Emergency Management Office to coordinate efforts as required to help keep our systems operating. Staff will be ready to respond to situations as they occur, with a focus on the safety of staff and residents”.

Halifax Water’s Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) will be in operation a 24 hour basis throughout the storm. Hurricane Teddy related updates can be found at halifaxwater.ca/alert/halifax-water-prepares-hurricane-teddy

For water, wastewater and stormwater/flooding related issues, customers should call our Customer Care Centre at 902-420-9287 or email customercare@halifaxwater.ca, check www.halifaxwater.ca, Twitter @HalifaxWater and Facebook. 

Residents should also prepare for Teddy by having their own emergency preparedness kit ready. See below.


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