Halifax Water PSA – Preparing Our Customers & Infrastructure for Extreme Weather

Preparing Our Customers & Infrastructure for Extreme Weather
(November 17, 2023) Halifax Water will continue working closely with the city and the province throughout the extreme rain event forecast for this weekend.

Teams have been preparing for the storm, inspecting stormwater infrastructure to ensure it is operating at full capacity and mitigating areas of risk. This includes ensuring that equipment and supplies are readily available so crews can respond to storm-related issues.

To help customers and property owners prepare for extreme rain/weather events, Halifax Water has developed some helpful information at halifaxwater.ca/notice/severe-rain-preparing-customers-infrastructure.

Severe weather can have a significant impact on property. We encourage property owners and residents to be prepared and do their utmost to protect their property during extreme rain events. In advance of severe storms, all customers are encouraged to set aside a 72-hour supply of drinking water for each person in the household.

If residents experience flooding or other storm-related issues impacting Halifax Water services, they should report them to our Customer Care Centre 24/7 Emergency Line at 902-420-9287.
For more information on Halifax Water, please check www.halifaxwater.ca<www.halifaxwater.ca#_blank>, visit us on YouTube, or Twitter @HalifaxWater, Facebook, or call our Customer Care Centre at 902-420-9287. –

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Halifax Water advises preparedness for severe weather, deploys inspection teams