Halifax Water PSA – Storm Preparedness – Safely Clearing Storm Drains

Storm Preparedness – Safely Clearing Storm Drains
(November 22, 2021) With heavy rainfall expected in the area, we are asking customers to be mindful of potential localized flooding, which can result in property damage. This includes ensuring leaves are safely cleared from storm drains/catchbasins near your property. Customers can find their nearest storm drain using the interactive map here: halifaxwater.ca/fire-hydrants-catchbasins. If you see storm drains/catchbasins that are blocked with leaves, we ask that customers safely clear these prior to any rainfall. Customers can also call Halifax Water at 902-420-9287 or HALIFAX at 311 to report blocked storm drains/catchbasins. Halifax Water is continually monitoring weather forecasts. This allows our crews to prepare by inspecting our stormwater infrastructure to ensure that it is working as it was designed. We work in collaboration with HALIFAX to ensure roadways, roadside ditches, and storm drains/catchbasins are clear. For the safety of work crews and residents, please observe social/physical distancing requirements (2 metres of separation).
For more information on Halifax Water, please check www.halifaxwater.ca<www.halifaxwater.ca>, visit us on YouTube, or Twitter @HalifaxWater, Facebook, or call our Customer Care Centre at 902-420-9287. –

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