Halifax Water PSA – UPDATE: Halifax – Screened Wastewater Overflow

UPDATE: Halifax – Screened Wastewater Overflow
(August 1, 2022) Halifax Water crews are continuing to work as quickly and as safely as possible to repair a failed wastewater pump that is causing screened but untreated wastewater to be released into Halifax Harbour. While this work continues, residents and visitors are strongly advised not to go swimming or participate in recreational activities requiring water contact in Halifax Harbour until further notice. We have made the applicable federal, provincial, and municipal entities aware of this incident. To reduce the potential environmental impact during this repair, Halifax Water is asking customers in the areas shown on the attached map to reduce the amount of water they are flushing and pouring into their drains. This will help minimize the potential amount of wastewater released into the environment. To learn more, visit halifaxwater.ca/reducing-wastewater<www.halifaxwater.ca/reducing-wastewater>. We appreciate your assistance in this matter and will issue a follow-up announcement once we have restored the wastewater system to normal operations. To ensure the safety of our communities and our staff, please maintain a safe distance when Halifax Water staff or contractors are working in your area.
For more information on Halifax Water, please check www.halifaxwater.ca<www.halifaxwater.ca#_blank>, visit us on YouTube, or Twitter @HalifaxWater, Facebook, or call our Customer Care Centre at 902-420-9287. –

Stay out of the harbour and some areas should reduce flushing: Wastewater pump has failed (July 31 2022)

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