Halifax Welcomes over 3,000 International Students

The blue banners hanging on the MacDonald Bridge to welcome international students brings me back to the first day I came to Halifax. 

It was on Aug 20, 2005. I landed at the Halifax international Airport around 11pm and everything was new and exciting to me.  Friendly smiles and warm greetings of “welcome to Halifax” from strangers put me at ease and made me feel right at home.

I have loved Halifax since then, and I now work as the Coordinator of the International Student Connector Program at the Partnership. I work with international students to help them expand their networks and deepen their attachment to our community. This increases their chances of finding employment in their field and building a career here in Halifax. The employers I work with benefit from connecting to skilled, and highly motivated, individuals with global perspectives and experience – helping them access new talent and tap into international markets. 

I’m so fortunate to be part of this year’s Welcome International Students Campaign, greeting 3,200 international students from over 140 countries who have come to study here.  International students bring diversity and creativity to classrooms, communities, and workplaces. They contribute $200 million to our economy annually, making Halifax a more global and competitive city. They are Halifax’s ambassadors to the rest of the world, and they will be the part of solutions to our pending labour shortages.

Top Reasons to Hire an International Student

  1. Bringing investment opportunities and connections to global markets
  2. Bringing new ideas, new perspectives and enthusiasm
  3. Canadian educated and accustomed to life here
  4. Multilingual skills and international work experience
  5. Hiring is easy and free
  6. Addressing labour market needs
  7. Contributing to our cultural diversity and strengthening our communities
  8. More people contributing to our economy

    How to Connect and Hire

    Hiring an international student or graduate is easy. International students can work in Canada on-campus, off-campus, as part of a post-secondary program, and after graduation.  Once a student has obtained a work permit, the process is the same as hiring domestic students and regular employees.

    The International Student Connector Program can connect you to international students looking to expand their networks and start a career in Halifax. By opening your business to an international student, you’ll reach across borders, find new opportunities, and help make Halifax a more diverse and welcoming city. 

    For more information on hiring international students or to become a Connector visit www.welcometoHFX.com, call 490-6000, or email me at jguo@greaterhalifax.com.   


    Jackiespic1 Jackie Guo is the Coordinator of International Student Connector Program. In addition to his work at the Partnership, Jackie is an active volunteer for Halifax United Way.

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