Halifax’s fall tree planting program takes root

Monday, Nov. 2, 2015 (Halifax, NS) – Six neighbourhoods across the Halifax region are about to see a significant increase in the number of street trees planted in their communities.

Over the next two weeks hundreds of new trees will be planted in north end Halifax, Fairview, Connaught/Quinpool, Eastern Passage, Colby Village, and Lower Sackville.

This is the first year in which Lower Sackville will start seeing the benefits of our Urban Forest Master Plan (UFMP), a multi-faceted program dedicated to dramatically increasing the number of trees planted annually in the urban core.

Seventy new trees will be planted along Armcrest Drive. This particular neighbourhood was picked because streets in that subdivision have the lowest percentage of leafy trees in Lower Sackville. Just 16 per cent of that neighbourhood has canopy cover – the total area that when you look down from above is covered by leaves.

By the time the last hole is dug this month, approximately 1,700 new trees will have been planted this year across the municipality.

The overall goal of the Urban Forest Master Plan is to ensure a sustainable future for our urban forest. The plan, passed by Regional Council in 2012, was developed in co-operation with Dalhousie University’s School for Resource and Environmental Studies after many years of research, public engagement, workshops, and reports.

Progress of the UFMP street tree planting project is monitored by faculty and students from the university. Crews evaluate the condition of our new street trees and note any diseased or dead trees to be removed and replaced under the replacement warranty provided by our tree planting contractors. Residents are also encouraged to call 3-1-1 to report any tree damage they see throughout the year.

The UFMP website will be updated throughout the fall to help residents stay informed about upcoming planting schedules and volunteer opportunities. Visit the website at: https://www.halifax.ca/Property/UFMP/index.php

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