Haligonia followers’ Costco confessions: The best times to go, best stuff to eat

Welcome to the wild world of Costco, where the carts are gigantic, the deals are legendary, and the food court is a paradise of budget-friendly delights.

We asked you on Haligonia Moneyhugger’s Facebook and Instagram channels what the top times to visit Costco are, and your favorite food court item. Highly scientific, no?

Ever wondered when’s the best time to avoid the stampede of eager shoppers? Or perhaps you’re curious about which food court items are worth breaking your diet for?

Well, look no further! We asked, scoured the comments, and here’s the results. Whether you’re a morning warrior or an evening ninja, we’ve got the insider tips you need to conquer Costco like a pro. So grab your stretchy pants and get ready for a Costco adventure you won’t forget.

Results as of 9:30pm May 27, 2024:

Top 10 Times to Go to Costco

Morning (57.0%):

  • Rise and shine! Morning is the golden hour at Costco. Beat the rush and snag those fresh deals while everyone’s still in bed.

Evening (24.0%):

  • Night owls, rejoice! Head to Costco in the evening. It’s quieter, and you can shop in peace without dodging a million carts.

Close (13.0%):

  • Pro tip: Go an hour before closing. Fewer people, more space, and you get the last-minute restocks. Plus, it’s like having the store almost to yourself!

Hour (12.0%):

  • Timing is everything. Whether it’s 10 AM or 7 PM, picking the right hour can make your Costco trip a breeze.

First Thing (10.0%):

  • Be the early bird that gets the… toilet paper. “First thing” means you’re in and out before the crowds even wake up.

Open (7.0%):

  • Doors open, you dash in. Arriving at opening time is your ticket to a peaceful shopping spree. Just you and the freshly stocked shelves.

Closing (6.0%):

  • Last call for Costco! Shopping just before closing is a hidden gem – less hustle, more chill.

Afternoon (4.0%):

  • Afternoon delight! Swing by post-lunch for a calmer, leisurely Costco experience. Perfect for those who don’t do mornings.

Mid (3.0%):

  • Mid-morning or mid-afternoon, avoid the peak madness and glide through your shopping.

Before They Close (2.0%):

Sneak in just before they close the gates. It’s quiet, it’s relaxed, and it’s like a VIP experience without the price tag.

Top 10 Favorite Costco Food Court Items

Hot Dog (18.0%):

  • The legendary Costco hotdog. It’s big, it’s cheap, and it’s practically a rite of passage for any Costco trip. Don’t forget the soda!

Poutine (13.0%):

  • Poutine dreams! Crispy fries, gooey cheese curds, and rich gravy – Canada’s favorite snack right at Costco. Nom nom.

Ice Cream (13.0%):

  • Who can resist a swirl of creamy goodness? Whether it’s a cone or a sundae, Costco’s ice cream is a sweet deal.

Fries (8.0%):

  • Golden, crispy, and oh-so-addictive. Fries are the perfect snack or sidekick to your hot dog.

Pop (7.0%):

  • A refreshing pop to wash down all that food court goodness. And the best part? Free refills!

Pizza (6.0%):

  • Giant slices of cheesy, saucy bliss. Costco pizza is a fan favorite for a reason – it’s huge and it’s delicious.

Sundae (4.0%):

  • Sundae funday! Treat yourself to a tower of ice cream topped with sweet sauce. Dessert goals achieved.

Chicken Strips (2.0%):

  • Crispy, juicy chicken strips. Perfect for a quick bite or sharing with friends. Or not, because they’re too good to share.

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