Haligonia LIVE streaming this weekend at Hal-Con Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Comic Convention

We're streaming LIVE from Hal-Con 2011 at the World Trade And Convention Centre! Click through to watch.

This weekend at the World Trade Convention Centre sees the East Coast's biggest sci-fi, comic book and fantasy convention take place. Last year over 3000 passed through it's doors. This year's fantastic event has even more offerings.  More workshops, games and excitement and guess what? haligonia.ca will be in the thick of it.



If you are dressed up and in character then please pop by our LIVE streaming studio for a video interview that you can keep and cherish after the event.  It's a crazy weekend and the place will be packed full of passionate people and lots of fun. Live long and prosper.  Below it a little taste of some of the characters you may see walking around enjoying themselves.




Visit www.hal-con.com for more information.

Food, Wine, Art for a Cause

Food, Wine, Art for a Cause

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