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Haligonia celebrates Bodhi Day

While I could discuss the anniversary of John Lennon’s death or Van Morrison’s birthday, this entry is meant to be a little more spiritual.  But not in the Christian sense. December 8th is a day that many Buddhists, including many in Halifax, celebrate Bodhi Day.

It marks the day, although it may not be the exact historical date, of Siddartha Gautama’s enlightenment. Although the day is less celebrated than Siddartha’s birth, it’s very significant because of what it has provided for Buddhist teachings and history.

Zen monks and laymen in Japan “celebrated” with intense meditation (what they call “sesshin”) prior to identifying Bodhi Day. This is what they do during Rohatsu, a term which literally means 8th Day of the 12th Month.

I may not be Buddhist, or necessarily religious, but I wanted to say something about this day.

I think December is the most PEACEFUL month – even for the LOUD and active haligonia intern. But wrapping up school and internships, holiday and new year prep and just being busy all come into the fold. But on days like these, especially a Monday, one can’t help but recommending that we “chill out” and gain strength from a world that continues to have us depressed and oppressed.

My most recent blogs have come with recommendations. This time around, take a break with a warm cup of your favourite drink. If workplaces had fireplaces, I suggest curling up to it. If you can take the day off (thank you Halifax Regional School Board), take it. Just don’t anger your bosses. But most of all, because today is more about reflection and meditation, think about the things that make you happy. I think of my family, my friends and my pool cue.

It may not be the weekend anymore, but what’s wrong with a little mid-break oasis from hard work?

For more information on Bodhi Day, or if you want more information about local Buddhists, check out these sites (by the way, I listed Wikipedia; how journalistic of me! [I am being sarcastic] ):







– Perry King

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