Haligonia Sports Athlete Profile: Jahmeek Taylor

Jahmeek Taylor has emerged as a Hec Creighton nominee for the Huskies.

The Saint Mary’s Huskies take on the Mount Allison Mounties this saturday at Huskies Stadium at 2:00. This pivotal game in the standings will be webcast on http://www.live.haligonia.ca/.

Huskies receiver Jahmeek Taylor has been the driving force behind the Huskies revival in October, and Haligonia Sports contributor Armaan Ahluwalia interviewed the Hec Creighton nominee earlier this week.

Q: You have Mount A this weekend, what are your thoughts on them?

A: They are one good football team, strong and a lot better than they have been in the last few years and they all want it, and they are all really hungry for it this year, and it’s all about who wants it more.

Q: What was the locker room like after going 0-3?

A: The atmosphere was a bit different after training camp, guys weren’t as happy as they were in previous years, the coaches worked hard and we worked hard. After the first win we knew what we had and it was just getting over the speed bump.

Q: What has been the difference in these last 3 games?

A: Everyone knows the system now, and we believe in the program and coaches and the hunger we have is the drive that we have that makes us unbeatable.

Q: Is it the defence or offence that has gotten better?

A: The offence, the defence has been there all season and our goals are for the defence to hold them to 21 points and let us go out and win it.

Q: How has Coach Sumarah been involving you in the game plan these last 3 games?

A: Trying to get me the ball whenever he can, he’s a great coach and he knows where his players strengths are and he places them accordingly, and he has taken the time to see my strengths and put me in the place where I can succeed.

Q: How is Micah Brown developing?

A: Great leader out there, leads by example only 6 games in Canadian football and he has played well, he has been improving with every game.

Q: Are the Huskies for real?

A: We are for real, we took the X game as a practice, no disrespect to the X-Men, we are ready to go against Mount A and they are a good team.

Q: How does it feel to be in the Hec Creighton shortlist?

A: I had no idea about that, I have no idea how that happened, it’s a honour to be nominated for that, now that I’m in the shortlist I gotta work harder to make it happen.

Q: How did getting cut help you become a better football player?

A: I really focused and took some time off to focus to figure out where my head was. I also took the time to train and work hard and get and train the trust of your team mates, I wanted to be that guy who pushes you in the weight room.

Q: What is it about this year compared to last that is different for you?

A: Just a better understanding of the game, every level you get smarter, faster, stronger, now I’m in my junior year and I have learned a lot since being here, working hard, watching film, being smarter.
Q: What is it about the AUS that makes it unique?

A: Smaller division, than the OUA, Quebec, and Canada West, the funding is not as much as the other conferences more cash more recruits, still a very high level of football out here, as we have shown on the national stage.

Q: Is football something that you want to continue after university?

A: yes 100%, I want to play this game till my body doesn’t allow me to.

Armaan Ahluwalia is a student at Dalhousie University. Follow Armaan on twitter @brindian, and check out his blog, http://www.inthestands.wordpress.com/.

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