Hamachi Kita delivers..literally!

One of my very close gal pals and favorite partner in crime recently made the ridiculous decision to further her education, move to Australia and abandon me. Hmph. Kidding…I’m so proud of her moving across the globe, and now get regular updates of the cuisine down unda’!

When I asked my pal what she wanted to do for the “last supper”, she mentioned a local restaurant that we’ve both been dying to frequent due to their incredible menu of gourmet comfort food. Unfortunately, when the day arrived, accompanied, in true Nova Scotian fashion by torrents of rain, we were swayed to abandon our original plan and order in.

We tossed several ideas back and forth, and decided that sushi would be just the thing to drown our farewell sorrows…but what better to pair with sushi than curry! That’s right, Hamachi Kita offers a menu of both of our favorite types of ethnic foods. The Asian fusion offered by this menu is downright dreamy- we proceeded to pour over their online menu and made our selections.
We ordered our favorite type of curry that never fails to sate our hunger for spicy-sweet fare; Thai Red curry with duck is, in my opinion, a staple for any Thai restaurant visit. With the spicy broth, rich meat and sweet red grapes and pineapple, the flavors touch all of your taste buds.

Thai Red Curry

We then moved on to the sushi component of the meal; lots and lots of rolls! We compromised on this issue, getting Maria’s Fire Kamakachi, a mix of rich smoked salmon with creamy avocado; my deluxe lobster roll, no explanation is necessary here…mmmm… and a classic; the well-loved spicy tuna roll.

Maria & Krissy’s Special Combo
Fire Kamakachi~Avocado, spicy mayo, tempura, topped with smoked salmon
Deluxe Lobster Roll~Avocado, green onion and spicy lobster
Spicy Tuna Maki

Lastly, Maria allowed me to indulge in a little deep fried goodness – sweet shrimp in crisp, salty won ton wrappers…I felt the need for something naughty, so deep-fried normally does the trick!

Shrimp Fire Crackers Jumbo shrimp seasoned in red curry,
wrapped in won ton wrappers and deep-fried

These delicious dishes paired with vodka martinis marinating a slice of pickled ginger made for an absolutely lovely meal- no restaurant setting required. I miss my gal pal, but I know that someday I’ll be hanging out in Aussie land eating Kangaroo steak…and I can’t hardly wait!

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