Hand in Hand expands services

Pleased my day job at CBC reminded me to check back on Hand in Hand after that oil spill a few months back when someone cut away copper pipe from the oil tank.
According to a provincial press release, Hand in Hand got $37,500 from the province to help rebuild its storage facility. 

From the release:

“This support marks a tremendous milestone for us in our growth of services,” said Heather Coffin, executive director of Hand in Hand. “Without a storage facility, we’ve been turning away donations of things that people need, like couches, chairs and kitchens sets, so it will be great to start taking them in again.

“This is very good news for us as we continue to raise funds for this project.”

The organization will build a new storage garage and hopes to expand to include a furniture bank and refurbishing project. The group also offers healthy cooking demonstrations and a financial literacy program, with the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development.

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