Happy Etsy Holidays!

L-A: With a little help from Etsy and an Etsy gift card (these are a thing. You’re welcome), Ally and I decided that this year we were going to exchange presents. The theme was “pay it forward”, so we paid it forward to each other.

Because honestly, we kind of felt that the other one has had the kind of year where she literally needs something shiny to pop up in her mailbox. Even if it is just a chance to talk to the mailman for two minutes (amirite, work from home ladies?).

So, two things I learned on my trek into Etsyland:

  1. Holy shit there is so much awesome stuff in there.
  2. Holy shit there is so much stuff in there.

When you are an indecisive girl, Etsy is a fun place to visit.  I literally spent hours in there. Actually, if you add it all up, probably days. Which is why: what up last minute gift giving! (Pro-tip: if you love it, just buy it. It may not be there in two days time and then you will have all the sads).

So, I was tasked with buying pretty things for Ally and this is what I came up with:

1. A little something to help with the transition back to long hair. 

dolly bow by lorettajos


I have been there in the hair growing out phase. While it seems like I’m pretty set in my hair styles these days, there was a time when I channelled Gwyneth from Sliding Doors and the time the hair dresser channelled Ellen DeGeneres for me when I said, “I’d like a bob” (bitch. I’m still mad at you. Ellen didn’t even have a talk show when you did that to me! what were you thinking?). Anyway, the headband is your best friend during the awkward in-between phase. So I got Ally this adorbs Dolly Bow by lorettajos.  I went with polka dots instead of anchors so Ally could wear it every damn day. Because guess what? That’s happening. (Like I said, I’ve been there).


2. Boho locket.


bohemian fringe etsy lockets


So, I knew Ally had lost her locket and was missing it, which is why I started the search for a locket. It’s total chance that I found one that said “boho locket” in the description. And it’s from an Etsy shop called Bohemian Fringe. I mean, COME ON. This is just screaming for Ally to wear it to her first Coachella concert.

How’d I do? I mean, it was tough and I almost got her a matching set of Ian Smoulderhalder pillow cases, but decided against it as I figured El Jeffe didn’t want to go to bed every night with the actor from Vampire Diaries. If you have trouble starting, I thought the Etsy treasuries by Flare and LouLou Magazine were helpful starts (I just needed a point in the right direction. I’m not kidding when I say there’s a lot in there).

Ally: When we were first contacted by Etsy to take part in this challenge, I was dropping mad hints to L-A to purchase something Yelawolf inspired for me. The fact that she went ahead and purchased something functional for me instead speaks to her maturity level. Seriously, though…


At $17.45, this is a BARGAIN. A bargain that I could wear absolutely NOWHERE. Which is a place I frequent a lot lately.

I almost bought this for L-A, but I figured she wouldn’t get the joke. So instead, I put on my L-A thinking cap (it’s nautical in there!) and found the following hot items.

1. Fail Whale Necklace

What would a hipster who pretends not to be a hipster wear I asked myself. That question can lead to hours of fun on Etsy in case you are wondering. To help with my quest, I imagined L-A on a date with Ryan Gosling playing that stringy instrument.


Nothing kills a lady boner like a ukelele, Gosling. Moving on, I felt that L-A would blend in nicely with this “fail whale” necklace. File under, “Hipster Fabulous”.


This piece was purchased from I Adorn U, a shop that L-A’s husband should get to know very well if he is smart (which he is…and also an adorable hipster in denial).

2. Calm the F Down

Now that L-A has joined the home office club, I felt she needed a wall print to inspire her creativity each and every day. Also, she required something that would help her during those moments where she was fighting the urge to toss her laptop out the window each time she heard that stupid “you’ve got a message” Skype notification.


I bought this from Roaring Softly, an artist who has sold work to Mindy Kaling (Mindy is very similar to L-A except more rich.

L-A’s right, so many hours can be spent surfing (do the kids still say “surfing”?) on Etsy. I’m glad L-A purchased wisely for me instead of buying say a Beyonce crop-top that would live in my closet forever. There are so many great items on Etsy, next year, I plan to do the majority of my Christmas shopping through their shops. It’s the one way you’re guaranteed to get a unique prezzie for the people you love (and even the ones you kind of hate but that you want to think of you as thoughtful and kind).

Thanks to Etsy for including us in this fun initiative. We had a blast!

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