Hard Candy Single & Loving It

Hard Candy Spring 2014 release has hit Walmart Canada!

I grabbed the item that peaked my curiosity the most – Single and Loving It eyeshadows (fun name lol), the tie dye version, in Sweet Sorbet and Sandy Beach.

Unfortunately, they failed to impress me, both at the store and when I got home to compare them with the Stila Countless color pigments I own.

First off, the name: Hard Candy already launched Single and Loving It eyeshadows (Fall 2012) which were true single shades, no mixing colours in the pans. Recycling the name for a total different product confuses people.

Product design and pricing: Hard Candy’s (new) Single and Loving It eyeshadows come in square pots with 0.05oz/ 1.5g of product, $2.98 a piece.

Stila Countless Color pigments are in round pots with 0.1oz/ 3g of product, $22/ CAD29 each regularly, now $8 on their website, pulling pretty close to Hard Candy’s price point (per oz).

The shades I have:

Acoustic and Finale (first row), full priced
Light Show and Melody (second row), Center Stage and Encore (third row), $4 each (Beauty Bash sale).

Colour selections: Hard Candy has 6 shades, which show some similarity to Stila colour range (10 shades in total).
– Hard Candy Low Rise Jeans and Stila Tie Dye (pink, light blue & navy)
– Hard Candy World Peace and Stila Light Show (pictured, green & teal, minus the yellow)
– Hard Candy Grape Dane and Stila Melody (pictured, light & dark purple)
– Hard Candy Sweet Sorbet and Stila Indie (pink & purple)
– Hard Candy Oink! and Stila Encore (pictured, light pink & brown)
– Hard Candy Sandy Beach and Stila Groupie (light & dark brown).

A swatch of Sandy Beach tester in store hardly showed any pigmentation without building up and it wore off by the time I got home to take pics. I am sending them both back so no swatches, unfortunately. Now, on to the next item – the So Baked contour trios 🙂

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