Haul medley

This is a mix of multiple purchases that I didn’t feel like posting individually, hence got piled up into a big post. Sorry about that 🙂
This bunch was from the one and only Bath & Body Works outlet in Toronto, where most of the items were 50 – 75% off. Depending on when you go, you might see a few items on 90% off, I didn’t this time.

– Winter Value 6-pack Wallflowers refills, in Creamy Nutmeg, Cinnamon Stick and Fresh Balsam, reg. $34.50, I paid $6.
The rest were 75% off:
– Stress Relief Body cream in Eucalyptus Spearmint, reg. $18
– 2-pack Winter Garland Wallflowers refills, reg. $14.50
– Wallflower diffusers – Snowman ( reg. $10) and Pink Ladybug (reg. $7.50).
I’m hoping to find more good deals there after Christmas, didn’t go too crazy this time.

Also hit up Sears with my bff while I was in Toronto during their extra 50% off red-tagged promotion, topped up with the a group buy coupon, which resulted in a 75% discount the last ticketed price for most items.
Found these Madden Girl wedged boots in the style Virtual at the clearance table, reg. $69.99, red tagged to $44.99 before all further discounts. I was looking for some wedges lately, so happy to find my size in these for $11. My friend found a pair of boots that was 30% off (not red-tagged), still a good deal after the group buy saving.

On to the jewelry department, I found some awesome pieces with red tags.
The pair on the left is from Jessica, I’m really feeling the stone-like finish. The necklace was $32 down to $19.99 on the tag, the earrings were $19 to $11.99, again before all discounts applied.
On the right is from Liz Claiborne, also with stone-like beads. Necklace was $26 down to $15.99, earrings were $18 to $9.99. Can’t wait to start pairing them with some cool dresses.

The last necklace by Nevada was very Jewelmint-esque, with connecting metal pieces, reg. $26, red-tagged to $15.99.
Also found a pair of owl earrings from the same brand. They are too small in the pic for you to see the details, but my friend also got the exact same pair, as she thought they were too cute.
These are a steal – reg. $12 down to $6.99.
We walked out the door very happy.
This was my Cherry Culture order during their recent 25% off sale.

– NYX Nude on Nude palette, $20.99
before discount – my alternative to UD Naked palette
– NYX Soft Matte Lip cream in Addis Ababa, $4.99
– LA Girl Glitter Addict in Flamboyant, Provocative and Aqueous, $3 each. I’m trying to complete my collection of Glitter Addicts, but they are OOS quite often
– NYX Girls Turks and Caicos $1.99
– NYX Advanced Salon Formula in Forever Young, $4. New line, interesting Lippmann-like bottle shape
– NYX Slim Lip pencil in Orange and Purple Rain, $2.49 each.
Zellers had Jules + James shoes on BOGO this past weekend. I had no idea this brand has such cute shoes.

You know I am so into wedges lately, and this is by far my favorite pair. Laced for show in the front with zippers on the side for practicality. A little army-inspired, don’t you think? The style is Wyn, in black, reg. CAD39.97.
These also come in beige with the wedge part in brown, but they don’t look good on my feet and also defeat the army look. Might be an option for someone who wants some colours.

For the free pair, I picked this one, with a bit of heels but not mile high. Lorraine, in brown (also available in black), CAD39.97.
I failed to show you in the pic, but the boots are lined inside with animal print material. Totally added value, even though I might be the only one that see the inside print lol.
More fashion stuff 🙂 Old Navy is running F&F 30% (both online and in store, with coupon) until Tuesday, so you still have time to check it out, together with the 50% off selected outerwear (in store only, until Thursday).

I treated myself a Wool-blend Double-breasted coat, reg. CAD99.94, 50% off. With F&F discount, it came out to be around CAD35.
I know that Old Navy might have even crazier sale after Christmas or at the end of winter season, but I want to hang on to this coat. Don’t have anything this red, and it feels really nice on. The buttons come all the way up the collar so I can be snugly warm if I want to, or leave the flaps hanging like in the pic for not too cold days. Plus it has pockets. I had to pass on a beautiful coat with fake front pockets. Why do they do that?

Spotted this Performance fleece Black animal printed sweater on on of the tables, reg. CAD24.94, on sale for CAD15. Don’t think it was an advertise sale (in their newsletter). Online it was CAD20, so I would suggest a trip to the store if you can this time, and go early.
Not bad of a price, in the print I wanted, in my size, what not to love? I can’t have enough sweaters, always wear one at work.
There were other colours and prints to choose from, if you are picky 🙂

Squirt was one happy girl at Old Navy too.
We were excited to find some Girls’ hooded Frost Free, Polar fleece lined jackets on sale for CAD20 – down from CAD59.94 regular price. That’s more than 50% off. Of course we went for the animal print, glad it was in her size, so we can be cheetah twins lol.
Again, quite a few colour/ pattern options for your kids’ taste. The coat is not the thickest but is warm enough on top of a sweater.

Didn’t plan to buy anymore shoes for her, but I noticed these on a mannequin in store.
Check out these Girls’ Faux Fur wedge boots, CAD32.94, adorable! Still not sure about this purchase though, as it was not on sale (before the F&F) and only found Squirt’s size in white – not the easiest to clean.
Note that Old Navy is still running the Super Cash promo. For each $20 you spend, you’d get $10 super cash to spend on a $20 purchase between November 17-22. I might check back in during that time to see if the boots are in stock again in tan.
Hope I give you a few shopping ideas with this post.

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