Have a bandwagon? I’ll jump on it!

Following the always awesome Jenn and transplanting a Facebook meme to the ol’ blog, which seems to have very few readers, lately. Hmm!

1) I have my BPR but I hate public speaking and am awesome at being awkward.

2) When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer. I’m glad that I’ve had opportunities to be published both through work and non-professionally.

3) The jobs I have had in my life are:
– Cashier at Sobey’s
– Cashier at a second-hand book store
– Ride attendant AKA carnie
– Fundraiser
– PR Officer at a local bank
– Development officer at a major non-profit
– Newspaper columnist
– Tourist herder AKA gift-shop attendant
– Communications officer at the provincial archives

4) I have always been a hardcore nerd, and am happy that I am in a place in my life where a) It’s welcome b) Offers opportunity for learning, socialization, and networking.

5) I am an information hoarder, whether it be random trivia, wiki articles, celeb gossip, or local happenings.

6) I watch a lot of movies, but only really starting doing so after dating Andrew because it was pretty much unavoidable, and not in a bad way. Paired with that, I love and am obsessed with award-shows. ESPECIALLY the red-carpet pre-show.

7) For years I have been musing about getting my EU citizenship. I hope 2009 is the year it happens. I’m not sure what I would do if I actually got it.

8) I dress like a bum but still manage to spend too much money on clothes.

9) I used to tan frequently, but have accepted my paleness in order to avoid nasty things like cancer… and wrinkles. It is of my opinion that I will have less wrinkles than all of my friends because I rarely smile. I am emo.

10) I have been going gray since I was 12, but refuse to dye my hair after the “purple” incident.

11) I have always gravitated towards being friends with men moreso than women, but in the last year I have spent more time with some great ladies.

12) I’ve lived on my own for well over a year now, but am still not used to it. I’ve always been kind of jealous of folks with great roomies, as living by yourself gets lonely sometimes.

13) I have a love affair with farmer’s markets, flea markets, antique shows, estate auctions, thrift stores… it’s an addiction.

14) I’ve been planning a second tattoo for like two years but haven’t gotten it yet because I am a wuss for pain.

15) I’ve been “blogging” since I was 15. I am so happy that my journal from my high school years is purged, because I really was an idiot.

16) One of my happiest memories of Europe was sitting by the side of the Danube, watching it flow by while the city’s lights reflected on its surface. A simple, but beautiful moment.

17) I love rollercoasters and have been white-water rafting. I want to go to New Brunswick this summer so I can try out Tree-Go. Funnily enough, though, I’m no good with heights and the thought of skydiving/bungee jumping scares me to death.

18) I have never had a cellphone, but feel myself caving in now that buses will be GPS equipped. I’m glad that I’ve held off for this long and have avoided unnecessary costs/over-connectivity.

19) I am within three degrees of Kevin Bacon (Me–> Crispin Glover, Tom Jackson, Michelle Williams –> Robin Wright Penn, Michael J. Reynolds, Burt Young –> KEVIN BACON).

20) I get freaked out swimming in open water, and have researched sharks enough to know how I would fend one off if I needed to. I’ve been scuba diving in the Caribbean, but probably won’t do it again after the moray eel incident.

21) I have been known to edit restaurant menus (prime example: Smitty’s).

22) If I had the time and resources, I could totally see myself getting into special effects make-up. I love a healthy dose of gore!

23) I am not a snob about movies, music, television and so forth, though it may appear that way sometimes. I watch crappy reality tv and enjoy a random rom-com from time to time.

24) I hate gender-specific insults. And making fun of people with disabilities. There is something just nasty about it and it always makes me wonder what lies below the surface with a person who uses them. For that reason, I don’t like a lot of stand-up because I find it malicious.

25) I am addicted to knocking people off my Facebook “friends” list. My feelings about this were further cemented by a presentation I went to at podcamp the other day: http://www.onedegree.ca/2009/01/podcamp-halifax-unfriend-someone-today.html

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