Have I told you about my jacket?

L-A: Anyone else in the Maritimes sick of this week of rain?

If you live in a land where there is sun: be thankful! This rain has been brutal. I’m not sure I’ll ever dry out.

On to the subject at hand. I should move on from our night out at Turbine, but I need to talk about my jacket. If only because Ally says that I had to. Mostly because it was a really frigging awesome deal. Check out what I picked up for $25:

A totally cute blazer! Ally and I totally pulled together outfits on the cheap. Her dress came from one of our favourite readers, Ivy and then bought her tights from the Store That Shall Not Be Named. The only thing I bought was the blazer and I got that second hand at Elsie’s on Queen St. (with some help from our loyal staff member, Anthony).

The best part about finding the blazer was that it was cute and it wasn’t expensive. The bonus part? It is possibly Armani.

Being naturally cynical, I take all labels with a grain of salt. If I don’t buy it from the store itself, I can’t be sure that someone didn’t buy a rip off and then sell it to my favourite local consignment store. Real or fake, it doesn’t matter: the jacket looks cute (I needed a new one). If it is fake? No one was trying to rip anyone off with a fake label. It cost me $25. Not really highway robbery.

On the subject of Elsie’s, can someone with size 39 feet start shopping there on a regular basis? Because someone keeps bringing in very real Marc Jacobs shoes and it is killing me that they won’t fit on my size 10 feet.

Anyway, let’s take a closer look at some of the details on my jacket (I apologize if the photo is slightly blurred. I’m still learning to take photos in the manual setting. And I had cocktails and appetizers as my dinner with M.Dubs).

I love this blazer so much. I need more reaons to wear it out. So, who’s up for drinks?

I’m just thinking: I found Armani for $25 and Intern Eden found Chloé for $20. Those are pretty good second-hand finds. What is your best second-hand find?  One of you must be able to top those.

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