Health-care Mediator Appointed

Government has appointed British Columbia mediator James Dorsey to help determine the future labour relations structure for unionized staff at the province’s hospitals and clinics.

Mr. Dorsey was recommended by both health-care unions and employers. He has 37 years of experience in mediation and arbitration.

Issues to be considered at mediation are:
— how the bargaining units at the new provincial health authority and the IWK should be structured
— which union should represent each of those bargaining units
— how employees’ seniority will be reflected
— whether to preserve all existing collective agreements or choose one per bargaining unit until April 1.

Under the Health Authorities Act, any issues not settled in mediation by Monday, Nov. 17, will be referred to arbitration. If that happens, Mr. Dorsey would also serve as arbitrator.

Mr. Dorsey graduated from Dalhousie Law School in 1973, and has served as mediator in cases involving health care, firefighters, transit and education. Government will pay his expenses and his fees, which are $275 per hour.

Mr. Dorsey will meet with the parties before Friday, Oct. 24.

Source: Release

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