Healthful Homes Realty

Healthful Homes Realty is a full service Real Estate brokerage dedicated to helping home owners go green in Nova Scotia. We value health and the environment, and are committed to helping others express these values through their home purchases.

Healthful Homes Realty is Canada’s first real estate brokerage dedicated to the purchase and sale of greener, healthier homes. Our aim is to help others live better, more sustainable lifestyles through their real estate purchases as well as promote green homes effectively through our specialized technical knowledge and our sales expertise.

Healthful Homes Realty focuses on the identification and presentation of the green and healthful aspects of both re-sale and newly constructed housing. Our aim is to help green-conscious home buyers make sound decisions regarding their prospective home’s air quality, energy efficiency, and finishing materials, as well as what can be done to improve these qualities post-sale. We also help home sellers obtain a higher return on their sale by assessing and then effectively marketing the green aspects of their home.

Healthful Homes Realty believes that every home can be a green, healthful home, and we endeavor to be an invaluable resource to all who are interested in living green.

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