This past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of being a guest on HEAT YOUR HOUSE WITH PARTIES, a podcast hosted locally by Ian Mullan (founder of Trrrash Entertainment) and Lindsay Zwicker. I’ve long been a fan of podcasts as a form of entertain/education/nonsense, and was excited to take part in the fun.

Check out the episode over @ http://www.trrrash.com/post/1116093717/glenmatthews

What are my three favourite podcasts, you ask? Oh well, if you must know.. (1) THE TOBOLOWSKY FILES, hosted by the terrific character actor Stephen Tobolowsky, in which he tells tales of love, life and the entertainment industry; (2) Nowhere else in the civilised world will I find a better movie-reviewing-duo than Adam Kempenaar and Matty “Ballgame” Robinson over at FILMSPOTTING; and finally (3) filmmaker Kevin Smith hosts a high-(weed pun)-larious podcast called SMODCAST. For anyone whose ever seen the man speak on stage (you really need to see AN EVENING WITH KEVIN SMITH if you haven’t yet), you know he has the skills to tell an amazing story.

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