Help me get my short film made!

Four years ago, Chris Van Patten asked me if I would like to adapt a short story I’d written into a screenplay.

Me and Chris meeting in person for the first time.

Chris and I had met on a the forum for the scriptwriting software Celtx. Back then, Celtx was just in its beta stages, and we were both alpha testers on some of its early versions.

We seemed to have similar tastes and interest in film and filmmaking, and we struck up a friendship. Over the years, he and I collaborated on a few blog projects, kept polishing some of the scripts and script ideas we’d had, and became fervent supporters of each other’s crazy dreams and projects.

Just last winter we met for the first time in person, after having been friends for over six years.

And now, after all these years, we’re the closest we’ve ever been to getting our film made. We just need your help.

We have the script. Chris is ready to direct. We just need to get the attention of Celtx Seeds and show them that we’re ready and able, and have tons of support behind us, to get this film made.

So, please share this link:

Please leave a comment of support on the video, too.

Thank you!




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