Heritage Gas changes name, expands focus


Heritage Gas, the natural gas distribution company in Nova Scotia, is changing its name and setting its sights on the future of energy. Its new name, Eastward Energy, highlights the company’s commitment to creating energy solutions that will support Nova Scotia in achieving its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. 

“Our world is changing, and our organization has an important role to play in being a part of that change here in Nova Scotia,” says John Hawkins, president of Eastward Energy.  

Heritage Gas started with a single customer in 2003 and has grown to be almost 25% of the size of Nova Scotia Power on an energy delivered basis.

“Heritage Gas has played a significant role in reducing emissions by assisting in the transition away from fuel oil,” says Hawkins. “Natural gas is the lowest emitting energy source in Nova Scotia when compared to heating oil, propane, and electricity generation.” 

Through the energy transition, Eastward Energy remains committed to the safe, reliable, and convenient delivery of natural gas to Nova Scotia businesses and homes. Natural gas will have an important role to play in the province’s energy mix for years to come, however, as we move toward net-zero emissions, the types of energy Eastward Energy provides to customers will change. 

“The challenges we face as a society in reaching our climate change goals require diverse solutions. Eastward Energy has the experience and energy infrastructure to develop and deliver energy like green hydrogen and renewable natural gas that is clean, sustainable, and affordable for future generations,” says Hawkins. “Eastward Energy is excited to help change how we meet those needs.” 

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