Hey Birders…We Have Cardinals In Sackville!

I just noticed this status from Sackvillenovascotia.ca’s Fbook page from 2 hours ago:

“Any birdwatchers? Just got back from a walk and I spotted a male and female Cardinal in the trees at the corner of Metropolitan and Glendale.

I heard they have been seen on Old Sackville Rd. but these are the first I’ve seen here.”

I saw one once in my yard and I thought it was a small parrot type bird which escaped because it was so bright. I had no idea they were in these parts. Below is a pic of a couple of them hangin’ around the ‘Sack from this past December.


“@babytamxo: Taken Dec. 18, 2013 on Sackville Cross Rd. Hard to see unless you zoom in but it’s male and female cardinals.”

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