hfxALERT is the new mass notification system for the municipality

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hfxALERT is the new mass notification system for the municipality, keeping residents informed about emergencies and operations updates.

hfxALERT will send urgent and non-urgent notifications from Halifax Regional Police, Halifax Fire & Emergency’s Emergency Management Division, as well as municipal winter parking ban notices.

Residents are urged to both sign up and download the app to ensure they are always in the know.

Click here to sign up for notifications 

You must sign up with hfxALERT to receive certain notifications. This will ensure the municipality can reach you to share important information quickly based on set locations, such as your home or workplace.

Click here to download the mobile app

With the Everbridge App, notifications will be sent to you based on your immediate location. For this to work, your location services must be turned on. However, you will not necessarily receive any courtesy notification or urgent public safety locations outside of your immediate location. For example, if you are away from your home, and have not signed up online, you may not receive a notification about an incident near your home.

More info:

The Halifax Regional Municipality launched hfxALERT – the new mass notification system that provides timely alerts with important urgent and non-urgent information.

hfxALERT will strictly issue municipal notifications. These alerts may be urgent, such as evacuations, or non-urgent, such as overnight winter parking bans.  The notifications will be sent via email, automated phone call and/or text message. Residents must sign up online to receive these alerts.

In addition to signing up for hfxALERT, residents can also download the Everbridge mobile app which will ‘geo-target’ notifications. This way, users of the mobile app will receive alerts to their device (e.g. smart phone) whenever they are in an area of the municipality that is being specifically targeted by the notification.

Other message types will be added as deemed relevant over time.

Notifications will be sent by Halifax Regional Police, the Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency’s Emergency Management Division and by the Corporate Communications department of the Halifax Regional Municipality.

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