Hidden Asset Investigations Is Not That Difficult When You Work With The Right Professionals

Private investing agencies like Discreet Investigations can carry out comprehensive investigations for individuals, organizations, and companies and provide reports for business due diligence, Divorce and spousal maintenance, child support, fraud investigations, and any other matters related to litigation. Unearthing Hidden assets during a Divorce Investigation is also within the scope of Private Investigators. 

A hidden asset investigation might be necessary to assist parties involved in spousal maintenance or child support disputes. Often, when the court orders a party to provide financial assistance to the other party, the former might try to conceal assets and lower the payments. On the other hand, to collect payments from a former spouse, the estranged partner might claim that they have no form of income and nor have any assets, which is false.  

  • Hidden Asset investigations

Private Investigators have the expertise, experience, and resources to carry out Hidden Asset Investigations. The process involves locating and identifying, followed by its recovery, and it includes properties, holdings, and other assets that individuals or corporations prefer to suppress. When individuals or corporations face a situation such as debt settlement or wealth sharing through a legal settlement with some other party, there are high chances of asset concealment.  

The most common cases include Civil Litigation, Divorce, contested Estate proceedings, etc. Cases related to Insurance claims and business partnerships in which one party suspects foul play might be a reason for hiding assets. Concealing assets might also happen when conducting business due diligence for some acquisition, merger, or business partnership. Private investigators and government agencies usually conduct investigations to determine the veracity of the claims of having no or fewer assets.

  • The investigation process

Conducting an investigation can help to locate and recover-hidden assets. If you suspect anyone with whom you have an interest in sharing some property or business or claiming compensation for Divorce is unwilling to disclose his or her assets, seek the help of an agent with a law-enforcing agency or a private investigator.  

Share with them all information about the details of the person/s you suspect of suppressing assets, the situation leading to the concealment, and other important information. After understanding the case, the investigator starts the necessary checks, including background checks, to establish the claim’s validity. On getting a clear report about the correctness of the claim, the investigator launches the process of finding the assets listed in the lawsuit.

  • Investigation plan

The investigators first draw a plan for the investigation by highlighting the study’s objectives, the investigation’s subject, the potential information sources, the assets in question, the motive of the issue for hiding the support, and the time required for recovering the assets. The plan helps to prioritize the objectives in an organized manner while pointing out the steps necessary for accomplishing the tasks.

Analyzing all the information gathered during the investigation concerning the profile created helps investigators search for leads that provide crucial evidence. The leads include names, email accounts, phone numbers, bank account details, and addresses. Following the paper trail, investigators trace the assets and ratify the claim. 

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