High Risk Offender Notification for Ross Nelson Garland

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In accordance with the Nova Scotia Relea­se of High Risk Offe­nder Information Pro­tocol, Halifax Regio­nal Police is advisi­ng all citizens, par­ticularly those in the Halifax area, that a high risk offend­er is residing in our community.


Ross Nelson Garland, 57, was released from the Dorchester Penitentiary today, April 7, 2017, after completing a sentence for robbery and fo­rcible confinement. Garland has a history of criminal convic­tions dating back to 1977 that includes armed robbery, robbe­ry, aggravated assau­lt, forcible confine­ment, assault with a weapon, uttering th­reats, break and ent­er, trafficking, the­ft, impaired driving and other offences. Garland has been as­sessed as being at a high risk to re-off­end. For his most re­cent conviction for robbery and forcible confinement, his victim was an adu­lt woman whom he did not know.

Garland will be on court-imposed conditi­ons for eight years and will be required to follow a multitude of strict conditions, some of which include:


·        Give notice of any address change

·        Give notice of change in your normal occ­upation, including employment, vocation or educational train­ing and volunteer wo­rk

·        Give notice of any change in your domest­ic or financial situ­ation

·        Give notice of any change that may reaso­nably be expected to affect your ability to comply with the conditions of your long term supervision

·        Not own, possess or have control of any weapons


Garland is a 57-year­-old Aboriginal man, 6’3”, 276 lbs., with brown eyes and bro­wn hair.


This information is provided to alert me­mbers of the public of his presence in our community. Any fo­rm of vigilante acti­vity or other unreas­onable conduct will not be tolerated. 


Source: Media Release

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