Highway 103 Broad River to Port Joli Project Officially Open

Drivers now have a safer road and better traffic flow in Port Mouton, Queens Co.

Business Minister Mark Furey, on behalf of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Geoff MacLellan and Bernadette Jordan, member of Parliament for South Shore-St. Margarets, on behalf of Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, have officially opened the Highway 103 Broad River to Port Joli project to traffic.

“While these projects take time to complete, we are committed to ongoing improvements to our 100 series highways,” said Mr. Furey. “The Highway 103 project will improve safety along this stretch of highway. By reducing traffic volumes, including the number of commercial vehicles, the existing highway will be safer for residents of the Port Mouton area.”

The two-phased Highway 103 project includes the construction of two new sections of two-lane, two-way, controlled access highway between Broad River and Port Joli totalling 10 kilometres. It also includes three new intersections and two new bridges over Broad River and Douglas Brook.

“Transportation and distribution are a vital part of our local, regional and national economies,” said Ms. Jordan. “These upgrades will support the continued growth of industry, helping local businesses get their goods to market faster and more efficiently, while reducing congestion and improving safety for the thousands of residents, visitors and shippers who use this highway daily.”

The cost of the project is estimated at $38.9 million. The Government of Canada contributed $16.5 million from the Building Canada Fund, with the province contributing the remaining amount.

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