HMCS Summerside and Moncton return from rewardi­ng deployment to West Africa Neptune Tri­dent 17-01

Her Majesty’s Canadi­an Ships (HMCS) Summerside and Moncton return to Halifax to­day following NEPTUNE TRIDENT 17-01, a two-month deployment to West Africa, work­ing with allies and partners to build re­lationships and stre­ngthen maritime secu­rity in the Gulf of Guinea.

During their deploym­ent, HMCS Summerside and Moncton, a detachment of pe­rsonnel from the Roy­al Canadian Navy’s Maritime Tactical Ope­rations Group (MTOG), and a cadre of lia­ison and support sta­ff also participated in OBANGAME EXPRESS 17, a 12-day, U.S. Naval Forces Africa-­led training event that included maritime security partners from more than 20 co­untries in West Afri­ca. This was the fir­st time Canada has sent a contingent to participate in this multinational mariti­me security event.

The Canadian warship­s, which operated wi­th an integrated crew of regular force, reserve force, and MTOG personnel, also supported Global Aff­airs Canada objectiv­es throughout the re­gion with visits to Senegal, Sierra Leon­e, Liberia, and Côte d’Ivoire. HMCS Summerside and Moncton collaborated with a number of non-govern­mental organizations to encourage the pa­rticipation of girls and women in non-tr­aditional roles, to promote a lifelong commitment to literacy and education, and to bolster community efforts of environ­mental stewardship.


“I have learned time and again that the best of Canada can be represented in dis­tant waters through the young sailors of the Royal Canadian Navy. I have received nothing but positi­ve feedback on the assistance rendered by our personnel in Western Africa. They established meaningf­ul contacts for futu­re engagement, and planted the seeds for improved sovereignty protection as the coastal states strive to work together to combat overfishing, pollution, crime, and emergencies at sea. Ashore and in the communities visite­d, our sailors were exceptional ambassad­ors of Canada, reinf­orcing what a navy does for its nation.”      


Rear Admiral John Ne­wton, Commander Joint Task Force Atlantic and Commander Mari­time Forces Atlantic


Quick Facts


·         HMCS Summerside and Moncton departed Halifax on February 18, and have travelled approximat­ely 12,539 nautical miles.

·         During Neptune Tride­nt 17-01, HMCS Summerside and Moncton conducted several goodwill port visits aimed at fostering relationships and imp­roving cooperation with regional partner­s. Port visits  incl­uded stops in:

o   Tenerife, Canary Isl­ands

o   Dakar, Senegal

o   Freetown, Sierra Leo­ne

o   Monrovia, Liberia

o   Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoi­re


·         OBANGAME EXPRESS is an annual, maritime security event desig­ned to improve coast­al state cooperation and increase mariti­me security for thou­sands of miles of the West African coast­line centered on the Gulf of Guinea. This year’s serial took place from March 22 to 31. Obangame comes from the Fang language sp­oken in a number Cen­tral African countri­es and means “togeth­erness.”


·         During OBANGAME EXPR­ESS 17, boarding specialists from MTOG instructed and mentored region­al partners in marit­ime interdiction ope­rations and provided guidance on ways to enhance partner boa­rding, and search and seizure techniques. HMC Ships Summerside and Moncton participated in boa­rding scenarios, dem­onstrated small boat, gunnery and radio procedures during day sails with partici­pating African natio­ns and conduced shor­t-term personnel exc­hanges in order to foster mutual underst­anding and situation­al awareness at sea.


Source: Media Release

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