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AllyG: I can’t apologize enough for not adding nonsensical rubbish to yesterday’s post. The relevant, organized, well-thought-out commentary from L-A must have really thrown everyone. Imagine, a post that makes sense and doesn’t veer off topic…much. The good news is that you will have an L-A day again Friday as I am off to beautiful Digby for my birthday weekend (I believe I raised this earlier…my birthday that is…on Friday. The 26th.) I will be thinking about all of you, (even YOU Lady Gaga!) as I stroll the beautiful aisles of Frenchy’s. You’ve heard of Frenchy’s, yes? Frenchy’s is one of Nova Scotia’s most valued commodities. Well, here’s a hot tip for you fashionable ladies and gents, the Digby Frenchy’s is hands down, the best. NO! Do NOT argue with me. I will not hear it. Did I not find, at the Digby Frenchy’s, a beautiful bright green Kay Unger dress that my husband hates because he does not know fashion? Yes, yes I did.  I love Kay Unger , although I do not know if the fact that Bethenny Frankel has recently been seen in a hot pink Kay Unger frock makes me like my green frock less. I shall overlook this due to the fact that she doesn’t look half bad.


Unger is very much redeemed by the fact that Zoe Kravitz is wearing a Phoebe Couture by Kay Unger . Do you not love Zoe Kravitz? She was recently featured in Vogue with her bestie Olivia Thirlby. They are tres adorable. I read the article of course (note: I have learned that it is much better to be seen in public reading Vogue rather than being seen on the bus, per se, reading US. People totally judge you. It’s awful.), and it made me ridiculously jealous of their seemingly perfect lives. Le Sigh. These girls have style coming out of the kleenex.

zoe and olivia

This may sound trite, but it’s true. The best way to keep up with trends is to flip through a Vogue (I’d even accept an InStyle) and educate yourself on the colours, fabrics and shapes that are hot for whatever season you are currently in. Take these important lessons, “grab your rental” (please tell me you remember that line from the Sex and the City movie? If no, replace “rental” with purse and carry on) and head to Frenchy’s or another thrift store and spend away. Not only will you feel on top of the fashion game, but you will be upping the ante by strutting around in fabulous duds that no one else owns.

There are tons of helpful links online that teach you how to shop at Thrift Stores. However, I think L-A and I could provide even more guidance. Stay tuned for this in the future.

So lassies, I bid adieu until Monday, I hope you all enjoy my birthday as much as I do. If I know L-A, I trust there will be some  “do-goody” and “be nice to people” crap all over the site by Monday. It’s ok. I posted a Keith Urban video while she was suffering with a fever and the shakes in bed.

On a last note, for our 1,000 Lady Gaga fans (I kid you not, that’s how many people came to our site this week searching for Lady Gaga), I give you Lady Gaga at the Much Music Awards.

L-A: I have stayed up way too late tonight looking for pictures to give me some inspiration for my part of the post and sadly: I’ve got nothing. Okay, not entirely true. I just haven’t got anything that is well thought out or terribly coherent.  So, in case you didn’t watch that whole Gaga video, you need to go back and skip to 6:15 of it just to see this happen:


If you’re wondering if her boobs really are on fire, the answer is yes. Yes, Lady Gaga has flaming boobs.  She also has what Jessi of the After Show referred to as a “frontal thong”.  Now, I’m starting to be okay with the lack of pants, and the boots are pretty hot (although, I’d take mine minus the studs), and the flaming boobs we’ll chalk up to performance art. The overall look is fairly reminiscent of Madonna in her Blonde Ambition Gaultier corset:


But the frontal thong? Oh Gaga, honey, no.  That was the Much Music Video Awards (which has totally stepped up it’s game from my Much watching days). Kids are watching.  I’m not being prudish, really I’m not.  Aside from concerns for her comfort, I’d be worried that the outfit would be one leg kick away from showing her hoo-ha off to crowds of screaming fans.  I imagine that the fans of those wholesome looking Jonas Brothers wouldn’t know what to do if such an mishap occured. (Me not understanding the lure of the Jonas Brothers is a generational thing, right? Because I get Gaga more than I get those three).

Moving along, I felt a need to cheer Ally up about the whole Bethanny Frankel thing (it took me a few minutes, but I remembered where I’ve seen her before: she was a finalist on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart!).  Kay Unger and her Pheobe Couture line have totally been spotted on our favourite teen drama:


Oh yes.  All four of Blair’s minions/frenemies wore Pheobe Couture to the Gossip Girl prom.  Their dresses are adorable, but I don’t believe for a minute that four friends would wear dresses by the same designer to their prom, especially if those four girls are supposed to know their designers. I feel like the episode of NYC Prep that I just watched confirms this (it’s a new “reality” show about kids in Upper East Side prep schools. I found the first episode on YouTube. It really isn’t all that intriguing. The Hills is way more fun). An adorable Kay Unger jacket was also spotted on Blair earlier in the season:

gossip girl 1crop (2)

I could have found a better shot of the jacket, but then I might not be able to sneak in a shot of Chuck Bass and I think it’s been almost a whole week since I last posted a pic of him. Heavens knows we can’t let that happen.

Anyway, finding Kay Unger in a Frenchy’s bin is a score and a half.  If you’ve got a car and some vacation time (or even just a free Sunday), you really ought to go check out the Frenchy’s off in the furthest reaches of the province.  Everyone tells you that their Frenchy’s is the best. Since Ally’s b’day is almost here, I’m not going to argue about Digby (although, I’ve heard good things about Frenchy’s in various towns in the Valley…but I might be biased from my undergrad days).

Finally, I’m glad that Ally brought up Zoe Kravitz. I was reading that issue of Vogue on my vacation and had meant to bring her up on the blog and then it didn’t happen.  She’s an adorable kid, but I’ve seen photos of her making some questionable fashion choices:


I think I rocked a look not unlike this when I was in junior high. I don’t know what’s happening here, but it appears that Zoe totally phoned this one in. It’s a case of money doesn’t buy you style…but it could buy you a stylist (Zoe doesn’t appear to agree). And stylists can save you from looking like L-A at age 13 or like you just rolled out of bed and remembered you had to be at some big event in less than five minutes. Just saying. Her dad, Lenny, is a man with some serious style:


(Vogue/Style.com tells me that he’s wearing vintage Dolce & Gabbana)

Oh, and before I go to bed, happy early birthday to Ally! I’ve got a birthday surprise post in the works for her. If you want to submit something you think Ally will love (your favourite Us weekly headline, a video of Leo and Kate…maybe some country western), then send it on over. I made us an email address and I’m not going to give Ally the password until after her birthday: fashionablepeople [at] gmail [dot] com.

[p.s. we’re taking suggestions for a twitter account name. “fashionablepeople” appears to be too long for twitter, so we need to be a bit more creative. Any thoughts?]

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