Holiday Guide ’09

“Eco-Local Gifting”

Holiday Guide 2009

Give the gift of sustainability this season with as your guide!

Our gift to you this season is a number of sustainable gift buying tools, including:

  • Eco-Local Gifts Lists: ‘Eco-local’ gift ideas listed from A to Z.
  • The Eco-Shopping Experience: tips to extend your eco-gift-giving approach to the entire shopping experience
  • ‘Eco-Business’ Matrices: series of Sustainable Gift Vendors to help you know who is selling sustainable gifts that are locally-made, green, organic, Fair Trade, & more…

We still stand firmly behind the themes of reducing consumerism from last year’s inaugural Holiday Guide (2008). But this year, our theme focuses on “if you’re buying, buy sustainably!”. So we’ve provided a “sleigh-full” of tools to help you do just that this holiday!

Let CRUSISIS help you make the statement ‘you’ want about your priorities and the buying choices you make this season: for gifts, decorations, seasonal entertaining, and events. Let us help you find ‘greener’, more ethically produced and/or locally-made gifts, and who is selling them… so you can start “Eco-Local Gifting” with the CRUSISIS Holiday Guide to Sustainable Living ’09, this Holiday and all year long…

Enjoy the Guide and Happy Holidays!

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