Homework Standards in Place for New School Year

Homework standards intended to support and enhance student learning at every grade level in Nova Scotia were announced today, Sept. 1 by Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Karen Casey.

More than 7,000 students, parents, guardians and teachers provided input on the new homework standards through an online survey last spring.

“It is important to build on what students are learning in the classroom to help support their overall success in life both academically and personally”, said Ms. Casey.

“All homework needs to reflect what is being taught to students, and teachers will use their professional judgement to determine when to assign homework, what to assign and how much.”

The provincial policy provides flexibility and clearly defines the roles of students and their families, teachers, administrators, school boards and the department.

The policy states that:

— school administrators will establish a school-wide approach to designing and assigning homework that includes home-school communications
— teachers will evaluate homework and provide timely feedback to students
— students are responsible for completing homework assignments on time and to the best of their ability, and families should provide encouragement and appropriate support to help students develop study skills at home.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development will communicate the homework policy to school boards, who will then monitor implementation of the policy in all schools.

The standards are designed to ensure homework enriches student learning, is tailored to a student’s age, grade and learning needs, and is designed to involve families in supporting their children’s learning.

The purpose of homework will also vary by grade and subject.

Homework can be assigned on any school day with consideration for cultural, religious or other days of significance for individual students and their families.

The new policy on homework, which applies to all public schools, is one of 21 new initiatives coming to classrooms this September as part of government’s five-year education action plan.

A copy of the homework guidelines is available at www.ednet.ns.ca

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