List Of Remembrance Day Ceremonies Across Halifax

As Remembrance Day approaches, communities throughout the Halifax region are preparing to honour the bravery and sacrifices of those who served. These ceremonies offer a time for reflection, remembrance, and community unity. Here’s an overview of the Remembrance Day events planned across the area:

  • At Point Pleasant Park, a ceremony is scheduled to start at 10:45 am by the Halifax Memorial, providing a serene setting for remembrance.

  • Sullivan’s Pond in Dartmouth will host a special combined ceremony beginning at 10:30 am. This event merges the traditional activities of the Grand Parade and Sullivan’s Pond ceremonies, creating a unified commemorative experience.

  • The Halifax Citadel is set to mark the day with a 21-gun salute at 11 am. The Citadel also opens its doors for free tours between 10 am and 2 pm, offering an insightful look into Canada’s military history.

  • In Hammonds Plains, community members will gather at the Hammonds Plains Cenotaph at 10:30 am for a solemn ceremony, reflecting the area’s strong community spirit.

  • The Bedford ceremony, held at Fish Hatchery Park and starting at 10:45 am, offers a peaceful environment for honoring the fallen.

  • Finally, the Sackville ceremony, beginning at 10:45 am at the Sackville Cenotaph, provides a moment for the community to come together in Lower Sackville.

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