Horse Betting


Watching horse racing is a beloved recreational activity for many people. Long ago, when casinos and other forms of gambling were not as common, horse betting was a popular gambling avenue.

Going for horse races and placing bets felt more than just an outing to people; it was an experience in and of itself. Whether they won some or lost some, a good time was always guaranteed at the race tracks.

While there is plenty of history and tradition associated with horse betting, the activity is largely virtual in the modern era. Multiple websites have popped up – with different means and offers for betting on horses.

Let us dive right in and learn more about picking horses, placing bets, and betting in the virtual world.

How To Pick A Horse

Once you decide to gamble on a racing track, the most important part is determining which horse you want to place your bet on.

Picking horses, often referred to as handicapping, can be a rather fun process. It gives you a sense of thrill along with control.

Horse betting websites, such as, are a great way of betting with just a few clicks. This website is one of the best choices in Canada that compares multiple betting sites for your convenience.

Here are a few tips for maximizing your chances of placing your bets on the winning horse.

1.    Familiarise Yourself With The Race Day Program

Your ability to read and understand the race day program will dictate how successful you are at picking a horse. The program is usually full of information that you can use to your advantage.

It includes history and statistics for each of the horses in the race. While the language may seem technical at first, your understanding improves with time. The information in the program can be used to make smarter bets.

2.    Examine The Class Levels The Horse Has Been Racing At

Horse racing consists of different levels, known as classes. As you ascend through the classes, you’ll come across better-performing horses.

Horse races are broadly divided into four classes; maiden races, allowance races, claiming races, and stakes races. Depending upon their performance, horses can move across classes from time to time.

Race tracks generally try to keep horses of the same class in a competition. If you’re placing a bet on a horse that has been consistently performing in its own class but has now been bumped up, it might not be the smartest idea to place your money there.

3.    Analyze The Horse’s Past Performance On The Surface Type

Race tracks everywhere are different and are made up of different substances. Some tracks could have grass with natural dirt, while some could have artificial tracks that stay good all year round.

Horses perform differently on every track. Some might prefer the dirt and grass, while others thrive on artificial tracks.

If you’re wondering how to figure out what track a horse is more comfortable with, turn to your holy grail – the program. It will contain details of the horse’s past performance on different surfaces.

4.    Examine The Jockey

Check out the program to learn more about the jockey’s performance. If a jockey is consistently performing well irrespective of the horse, you know that they are talented.

It would be reasonable to place a bet on that particular jockey even if the horse has been ending somewhere in the middle in its last few races.

It is also a good idea to check out the history of the jockey with that particular horse. If the duo has been winning laurels together, the chances are that they will continue to do so.

5.    Consider The Odds

The program provides a probability of winning next to each horse in the race. The horse with the lowest horse is the favorite to win.

While this is not a rule of thumb, many people say that betting the race favorite is a good way to earn some money.

6.    Observe The Horse In The Paddock

The paddock is the area where hoses are paraded before a race. Observing them here can give you a good idea about their behavior, looks, etc.

After you’re done picking a few horses from the program, head down to the paddock so that you can decide where you want to place your money. It might be possible that a horse that has been on a winning streak is having a bad day.

Wrapping Up

Betting on horse races is no doubt a fun and time-consuming activity. However, you can now do this from the comfort of your homes!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and earn some money!

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