Hot Date

Hubby and I have a hot date tonight and I’m soooo looking forward to it.  I am looking forward to going out and enjoying a dinner with my husband and feeling “normal”!  I have been feeling much better the last few weeks, but this week threw me for a few unexpected “relapses” with a few bad stomach days and a bad migrane.  In fact, I was too sick to go to yoga last night and it didn’t start to hit me until around 3:00 in the afternoon.  I was looking forward to it all week and it’s one of those special classes that you pay for the 8 classes up front too 🙁 

*fingers crossed that all goes well today ALL day!* 

We’re going to one of my favourite restaurants, The Keg 🙂  I’m sooo looking forward to it because I don’t get there often and the last time I was there was on my birthday last year that ended up being a huge gong show because I thought that I lost my engagement ring in the bathroom and caused a HUGE scene (totally uncharacteristic of me trust me) and all the while it ended up being that it was the one and ONLY time I had only put on my wedding ring without my engagement ring and have no idea why!  The Keg Manager even had someone remove the drain from the bathroom sink to see if it had fallen down the drain!  Gah! So embarrassing!  The happy ending was that I still had my ring, but it certainly ruined everyone’s dinner and my birthday! 🙁

So we thought it was time to go back to actually enjoy our meal and celebrate what our new family has in store for us this year.  We both love The Keg and we have never had a bad experience with the food, it’s always excellent.  I am a huge fan of their escargot, my love for which is owed to Tasha who introduced me to it years ago while we were in University.  It has been one of my favourite things ever since!  I have no idea what else I’m going to have, but I always know I’m getting the escargot!

One of the reasons we are happy to celebrate is that I am now into the second trimester (although I’ve read that there’s difference’s of opinions as to when the second trimester starts, but we’re going with it because we have passed the period where miscarriage is most prevalent).  We are happy just to celebrate that in itself.

Today two of our good friends are coming over for the afternoon and they are bringing their little 6 month old over for a visit.  Coincidentally, she and I have the same due date only one year apart.  Their little girl ended up being born 4 days early on my husband’s birthday, so it’s possible that he could also share his birthday with our little one too 🙂

Office topic: I had attempted to post earlier in the week, but for some reason my Windows Live Writer isn’t a huge fan of my new template and it crashed on me a few times and I gave up!  To be safe, this one’s being written in good ol’ blogger!

Off topic: Chandler (my cat) is being a huge pain in the arse lately.  He’s always bugging me when I’m trying to sleep and will knock things off my nightstand just to get my attention and it’s NOT COOL because I’m already up 5 times a night to use the bathroom and I’m still waking up at 4:00 a.m. unable to get back to sleep until 5:30.  He better bugger off because mama needs her sleep!

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