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house hunting headaches:

house hunting headaches:

I know I know, what’s new.  We’ve moved 6 times in 5 years. But you know, somehow it doesn’t get any easier!  This time we have to try to find our dream house online, then show up in our new city of Edmonton {which is about 6 hours away} and decide on which house we love the most within 5 days. So add 12 hours of driving on top of a week of driving around a city looking at back-to-back showings for a week straight.

With two kids.

Someone hold me.

Everyone is telling me to narrow it down to our top 10, which is absolutely impossible. There are 3 areas where we would like to live and there are at least 10-15 houses in each neighborhood that we need to see with a realtor. But that doesn’t include any of the ones we’ve found on comfree.

The good thing is that since we’ve moved a bunch we know what we want and don’t want so we won’t be wasting anyone’s time looking at houses that don’t meet the criteria. And oh, the criteria I have now…..yikes. Our realtor will either love me or hate me!

So who lives in or around Edmonton?? I’m so excited to get to a city again!

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house hunting headaches:

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