House of Assembly Opens

Among the highlights of the sitting of the legislature will be a balanced budget that invests in cutting health-care wait times, improving classroom conditions and creating a more inclusive economy.

The first session of the 63rd general assembly will resume at 1 p.m. today, Feb. 27.

The sitting will include government’s third consecutive balanced budget. Premier Stephen McNeil said government’s fiscal plan provides room for spending on programs and services that Nova Scotians need, without sending the province back into deficit.

“We are committed to building a stronger, more inclusive, innovative province,” said Premier McNeil.

“I look forward to making more progress during this sitting.”
Government’s legislation will include bills that will improve the education system, create Research Nova Scotia and prepare Nova Scotia to comply with the federal government’s legalization of cannabis.

Premier McNeil also said the government anticipates the completion of the report from the Commission on Inclusive Education at the end of March. He said the budget will include funding to reflect government’s commitment to act on recommendations that will improve classrooms for students and teachers.

“The report will be a priority of government. It has been too long since there has a been a close look at the model of inclusion.”

The sitting will continue into the spring. Rules do not allow the House of Assembly to sit during March break.

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