How can an NPO use gamification to get new donors?

Gamification as a term usually refers to the process of adding gaming features to non-gaming industries. Some business cases claim to have increased the number of their customers by 700% just by implementing gamification on various platforms of their business where they communicate with their audience. But what about nonprofits? 

PROs of gamification

Interesting elements of games always attract people but it is not guaranteed they are going to become your supporters. Their loyalty level though will increase. So you will be able to turn one-time donors into regular ones, for example, or convert those who will hear about you from those who shared their “gaming experience” with them.

CONs of gamification

It takes some time…as well as requires a bigger budget than content marketing, for example. You also need to involve good experts because it’s not only about the idea but rather about the quality of its implementation – technical skills of creating gaming features online are not the cheapest!  But you can always find a solution. For example, instead of developing an application for your nonprofit, you can just run a quiz for those who have donated, for example, on your website, having integrated an interactive registration process on the landing page. 

Ideas of gamification for your activities

  1. Nonprofit market

Run a quest for your supporters. Involve friendly nonprofits & partners as well. Let your supporters complete various logical tasks or find some keys on various platforms (for example, in the publications on your or your partners’ Social Media profiles) and grant them some virtual points that can be further used as a currency for shopping in your offline or online charity market event. You can let them get some pieces you sell there for free or get a discount in other shops (ask for some special conditions from the sellers). This way you will get more traffic and engage people on your SM/website, as well as get some funds to fill up your budget. Nonprofit Web Design can be helpful.

  1. Awards & badges

Create digital badges for your supporters that complete regular donations. Let them feature them in their social media profiles or on their platforms (for example on their websites if your supporter is a company or a famous expert) to share the impact they make. 

  1. Donation Bundles

Let people who proceed to your donation page choose the amount of donation interactively. For example, by showing them what impact one or another amount can make. 

Do not hesitate to try and implement successful marketing techniques for the promotion of your organization. Gamification can make your marketing efforts bring better results.

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